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The Paradigm shift from teaching to learning calls for celebrating learning, thereby enabling our learners to open the windows of their curiosity. That is where the onset of digital station comes as a path breaker. Digital education has indeed changed the educational landscape. It ensures the objective of teaching-learning is met—to attain educational goals. Digital learning has seeped into the education system considerably. It has a far-reaching impact, educating the vast population of India. It is growing at a substantially rapid rate.

It becomes extremely crucial to transform the school education landscape in order to make it “future ready”. It can be done through aligning informal learning with formal learning and creating a joyful environment to engage learners for purposeful learning. The digital resources help to achieve these aims. Digital assets based on multisensory approach provides retainable learning for life. New Saraswati House is happy to share the digital resources with all stakeholders in playing a vital role as “Partners in Learning’.